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Founded in 2002, The Local Grill under the ownership of Steve Maresch has established itself as a leading steakhouse in South Africa.


Steve’s passion for all things bovine motivates his personal mission to find the best beef and share it with The Local Grill customers.


“There is no more gratifying feeling that when a diner calls you over and tells you they have just had the best steak ever, the story behind our steaks, field to fork, is what makes The Local Grill a beef connoisseurs paradise.” says Steve.


As an owner run and family (local grill team) driven business, Steve is involved in every aspect of the operation, including kitchen tours, Weber beef appreciation classes, staff training, hosting The Ultimate Beef Club and restaurant service, front and back of house.


The time spent on farms with the beef producers and collaborating with chefs and beef suppliers are testimony to his passion for the bovine.


Llewy has spent most of his life in the hospitality industry as a waiter, airline steward and running his own businesses. The past 12 years with The Local Grill Group have been very rewarding. He has taken the love of steak and service to another level, where now he is the proud owner of a small herd.


Llewy’s area of expertise is in operations; setting up and maintaining outlets. He also has a special interest in staff training and motivation.


His ambition is to grow the The Local Grill business to better heights and making it a stronger Brand throughout the continent. A brand that has a strong focus on “Field to Fork” principles of provenance.



The Local Grill is run like a family unit with an amazing shared passion for everything bovine. Most of the team have spent time on the farm and worked with cattle in their traditional upbringing and many have been part of the Local Grill beef journey for the better part of 14 years. The staff take great pride in offering guests to The Local Grill kitchen tours and telling their version of the “our story”.

Since the inception of The Local Grill in 2002, we have been fortunate enough to share our beef journey with many farmers, butchers and customers.  Following strict “field to fork” principles means that the beef is sourced from the best producers we can find, aged on the premises and cut to order.


This collaboration with beef producers has meant that over the years we have been able to showcase different breeds, beef from different regions and improve the offering year on year.


The kitchen tours offered in Parktown North have further resulted in new relationships with farmers from far afield as Brazil and throughout Africa.


We are proud of what we have achieved, we remain passionate about the beef experience we offer each and every diner who visits The Local Grill, we are humbled and grateful for the numerous accolades and acknowledgments we continue to receive.


We look forward to sharing our journey with so many more!

Llewy Matheza and Steve Maresch, owners at The Local Grill
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